June 29, 2006

Things Are Looking Up

My mom is healing well and is coming home today. I think she'll get better a lot faster if she can rest at home. She's also pleased because she was worried that she'd forget English when she woke up and only remember German, but that didn't happen.

Yesterday night, my dad took Steve and I to Mac for an acedemic councilling session where we got to ask questions about the courses we need to take for Science I. I'm feeling a lot better about university now. This morning I went though the course callendar and bookmarked and highlighted all the information on the classes I'm going to take. They all sound hard and scary, but at least I know what I have to expect. I'm glad Steve has decided what he wanted to do, as well. He seemed worried about getting into med school, but I think he's got his plan now.

I got a whole bunch of papers and a big course callendar book from that session, and they all have some pretty good details on what steps I need to take. There's a checklist, too. (♥ checklists) I spoke to the Astronomy profs, and one of them remembered me from the open house that was in May, which I thought was awesome. He'll be one of my profs, and he's really nice and helpful, so I'm happy about that. One of the others was a really nice woman who explained all the courses to me, and the other was this super-tall older guy that likes to learn about space by shooting lasers at stars. Hmmmm. (Scarlett, go to one of these sessions! I'm not sure when they have the radiation stuff, but the whole thing was really helpful. :D)

On the down-side, my work schedule is looking quite... sparse. They called me off today because there's absolutely no one there, and then I'm only working three days next week. Maybe it's because they're all 8-hour shifts, but... I need at least one more day. Money is good. D:

Anyway, that's my happy little update.

Can't wait for mom to get home.

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