June 15, 2006

I just want...

My Opa won't leave me alone. Ever since he got here, he's been mocking me for wanting to be an astronomer. I realize that jobs aren't exactly wonderful in that area, but I know that if I really work at it and be the best I can be, I can be an astronomer. And maybe I'll end up finding something else I love while in university, and decide to go on a different path.

But my Opa said that if I want to go to school, it should be culinary school. I should be learning how to cook so I can get a husband and make him stay. Actually, I shouldn't even be worrying about school. I should be learning to cook at home.

I've worked too damn hard to just be a housewife. It's fine if others are comfortable with it, but I'm not. I don't want to become the woman who seeks approval through dinner. I want to earn things, I want to work at something I genuinely love and have interest in, and I want to have pride in myself, knowing that I've worked hard to get to where I'll be.

I grumbled about this to my mom. She told me that he went on and on about this to her when she was my age, too. What the hell is his problem?

It's nice that he's here with Oma to help around the house for a while, but I'm sick of being told what to be. I want to be me, not a wife.

This makes me want to never get married.


Aaron Tait said...

It's just the old trying to impose their antiquated ideas on the new. Take it with a grain of salt. No one still thinks that women should just stay at home. :-)

Julianne said...

There will always be someone who opposes what you want to do. All you have to do is say screw them and do whatever you want. :D