July 18, 2007


Dear Purolator,

Are you effing retarded?



My laptop was picked up by Purolator last Friday to be repaired by Dell while I still have that week left on my warranty. The repairs aren't big, but they're for my keyboard and screen, which could quickly get worse during the school year. The Dell repair place thingy is in Newmarket, Ontario. Keep that in mind.

About a half-hour ago, Dell calls me and asks if I have sent out my laptop yet. I told the man that I did. He asked me if it was through Purolator. Yep, I definitely did. He asked for my tracking number, and I gave it to him. "Oh, there seems to be some sort of discrepancy. I'll call you back if there are any problems."

I never even thought about tracking the shipment, because the laptop should've made it to Newmarket that same day. It's not that far from Toronto, and it was sent by a courier. I assumed that it was being repaired since Monday at the latest, and would've been back to me by Friday.

After I got off the phone with Dell, I went to the Purolator website to check what this "discrepancy" was. I put in my tracking number and this is what it tells me:

Awaiting Connection
JULY 18, 2007 AT 08:34
Tracking Phone #
1 888 SHIP-123 or 1-888-744-7123

My laptop is in EDMONTON. How the hell do you get Newmarket and Edmonton mixed up? For one thing, Newmarket is north, Edmonton is west. For another thing, THEY'RE IN DIFFERENT PROVINCES.

So, I call Purolator and inform the lady that my laptop is in the wrong province. He response was effectively, "Woah... WTF?" She had no idea how they mixed that up, and why it was there. She told me that "Awaiting connection" means that it's about to get onto a flight. She told me that she's guessing that it'll be in Newmarket tomorrow morning. If it isn't, I need to call them back.

It's unfortunate that Dell has a partnership with Purolator, because I'm really unimpressed. If I need to ship something, it'll never be through them again. It'll be through FedEx. This is just stupid.

July 5, 2007

A Rant

Dear potential park visitors,

When I give you information on park rates and fees, don't do that nervous/angry laugh thing and tell me that you can camp/swim/party somewhere cheaper or for free. That's all well and good for you - why don't you just go there? Complaining about our prices won't make me lower them for two reasons:
  1. I don't have the ability to do that. Do I look like a manager?
  2. You annoy me.
The park isn't some discount grocery store that'll constantly change prices to "match the competitors". These are our prices, and if you don't like them, then go somewhere else. Stop getting angry at me.

Just because you're only going to be in the park for an hour doesn't mean that you can get in for free. You have to pay the full price, just like everyone else. Do you honestly think that I can track you down once that hour is up and kick you out? That just doesn't make sense. See the above list for reasons why I can't do that.

This is a half-decent place to work. Stop making me want to apply to other businesses.


July 4, 2007


Steven says:
Today I worked with white caulk.
I just got bored. It's not as exciting as black caulk.
Once you have black caulk, everything else is just... meh.