January 20, 2007


This is a video that my brother and a few of his friends put together for their English final last year. They had to talk about a reoccuring theme in the three books that they read (Romeo & Juliet, Wuthering Heights, and The Great Gatsby). They picked the theme of revenge.

I thought it was pretty well done, and it made me laugh. They've got some interesting humor... especially with the "hidden" dirty references ;)

Since we're not in an English class, some parts are boring. Once Heathcliff is introduced, he talks a lot about Wuthering Heights. You can jump to about 5:18 if you want to skip that bit.

If you're not into watching the whole 20 minute video, here's some good parts I picked out:
Perfume Commercial: 5:20
Constipation Commercial: 7:25
Complementary Weapons: 10:12
The Chase Scene: 12:55
Awkward Beard Touching: 16:33
My Brother's Strip Tease: 18:27

If you can't see the times on this player, check it out here:

January 17, 2007

Windows Sushi

Originally uploaded by 弃天.

Yeah, it's pretty much just amazing. And the little orange stars next to the computer are so cute!

January 16, 2007


Tomorrow I'm going to give my life a bit of a turnaround. I'm starting to go to the gym. I've completed my sessions with my trainer, so now I know what I'm doing. She'll have my typed plan for me, and I'm picking it up in the evening. I've gained a lot of weight since starting school, and I'm really quiet embarrassed by it. I've always seemed to be very susceptible to weight gain over very small things, and the 'school lifestyle' just kind of... made it a lot worse. But now, I'm going to get back to my old self, and then I'm going to get better than my old self. I'm actually really, really excited about getting into a workout routine. I can't wait to get back into all of my jeans.

And I guess this is a good thing to start since the whole anxiety thing, too. My life could use a couple more turnarounds like this, too. Like, going to bed at a reasonable time... I've fallen into that habit and I'm having a terrible time getting out of it. But I hear that sleep comes a lot more easily with exercise.

I'm super excited about the engineering formal on Saturday. I've discovered that I really love dancing, even though I'm horrible and I have no idea what I'm doing. But it's just way too much fun. (And I've joined ballroom dancing with Steve... it's amazing.) Formals are also just fun in themselves.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to see that counsellor. I know I told my mom that I'd go, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable just walking in and telling her the thousands of things that bother me every day. I'm also not sure I'm comfortable with that fact that she's not officially a counsellor, but a chaplain. There's nothing wrong with that, but I don't have problems relating to religion, or want solutions that relate to religion. I guess I need to look into the other counselling services or something.

Anyway, bed is calling... it's been quite the day.

January 11, 2007

The Last Little Bit...

A few days after I got back to school, I had an anxiety attack. I've never had this before. It was scary. I was having this intense chest pain that would not go away. The on-campus emergency team was called up to my room, and they told me that they couldn't find anything wrong. For some reason, right after they left, I had about an hour of relief. That was around 6:00am - the first sleep I had all night. But then it woke me up again, and it was worse. I went to the clinc, where a nurse couldn't find anything wrong with me that could cause the pain, just like the other people. She started asking how "other" things were, and I couldn't help but cry. She told me that this type of pain was common with anxiety. The doctor looked at me and told me the same thing. I was then sent off to get an EKG (which told the nurse my heart was normal), and x-rays.

I've been trying to get in contact with this chaplain/counsellor that I've had recommended to me, but I haven't gotten a response from her. I suppose it's the alternative to those anti-depressents that there was talk of.

Last night my mom had a second allergic reaction to the anti-sezure medication, and it was worse. Erik took her to the emergency room. They gave her a ton of stuff through IV, I guess... I'm not entirely sure what happened. Erik had to go back around 2:00am to try to pick her up, but I guess that they weren't done with her. She came back a little after 6:00am by taxi. And then went to work. I wish she wouldn't do that. And I wish that I could be there to take care of her. I don't like that my little brother has to do things like this... he's still a kid and should be worried about getting his summative done and going to movies.

But on a happier note, my dad got Facebook. Everyone should add him so that he feels special. :)