January 31, 2006


I got a 92 on my English exam, which makes me really happy. I ended the course with an 88, so that exam bumped me up a percent. Wee!

Steve got a 96, and I'm really proud. :)

January 29, 2006

I can't think of anything witty.

English is done with, and so is chemistry. Thank God for that.

It's not that I had trouble with them, I'm just happy that they're out of the way.

Nothing new has really happened to me. I don't have any extravagant opinions about the world nor do I have anything really nifty to post. Kaitlin bugged me to update so now I've done it.

Biology and Calculus left and then we'll start the new semester. I'm sure I'll ace biology and I'm really confident about calculus now that I have a cheat-sheet.

January 27, 2006

One down...

I'm not too confident about the English Exam I just wrote, mostly because I couldn't finish my essay. I had about five mintues left and I was about half-way through my third paragraph, so I just wrote the rest of my idea in point form. Hopefully that'll help. I'm also worried because I couldn't work in all of the quotes I memorized. But I'm glad it's over and done with now.

I looked through the Science booklet for McMaster, and it says nothing about English courses. Joy!

I planned on studying this afternoon so I could enjoy the evening. Erm... it never happened. I keep pushing it back. I'm so lazy. I really want to do well, but how can I if I keep doing this? Can I afford to take Friday off? I want to. I should try to plan this out.

I still need to finish that Queen's PSE. I hate that thing. I'm not a community leader, or a community anything. I don't understand what it has to do with being an astronomer. Meh, I don't think I'm getting in there anyway.

I have fencing tomorrow. I'm having a horrible time remembering the names of all the parries, which makes line-up not so fun. I remember vaugely how to do all of them, but it doesn't help. I don't like how the class I'm in doesn't really go over how to do things, or even really goes into fine-tuning any skills, which seems odd of a class that's just out of the beginner classes. It's still fun, but that part gets frustrating.

I spent a lot of the day sleeping, playing video games, and hanging out with Sue - we ate bad things and watched Sailor Moon. We enjoyed the, "*whip craking* Professor!!", and "Star Gentle Uterus!". Good times.

January 23, 2006


So, I began today in a relatively good mood, until someone mentioned my mood and how good it is, considering I have an exam on Thursday. At first I thought, meh, it's just English. How do you really study for that? Print out some quotes and try to remember them, I guess. At least, that's basically what I did last year.

I don't care enough about calculus. I really should. In class, I really care. I get so angry and frustrated with myself, knowing that I can't see what everyone else appears to easily be able to. The last two units have been somewhat of a trainwreck for me, and I have all of these plans to really get on back on track with calculus. Umm... that wasn't meant to be a pun. I have all of my books sitting beside me, because I want to catch up. HA! Yesterday I opened my textbook, looked at what I needed to be doing, promptly closed it, and used my books as a footrest.

World History... how I loath thee. I'm going to try to convince Shaubel to let me do everything on the computer, because I really don't feel like taking the time to cut and paste things for a time line. Does anyone else think that's sort of childish?

So much to do, yet I sit here blogging, and watching Sailor Moon, and election things, and thinking about eating ice cream... I'll surely run out of time for everything.

Ack, why can't I get started on this calculus? Why why why? Where the eff is my motivation?

January 22, 2006


Let this be known as my first post. I'll try to keep constant with this one!

But for now, I'll leave this as a "hello world."

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I think I'll move my blog here.