April 17, 2010


I survived the week from hell.

This past week was one of the most stressful weeks I've ever been through.  On Monday I had two exams, Tuesday another exam, and on Thursday one more.  It would've been completely doable if they had just had been different exams.  I really think that I could've done a whole lot better if it were, say, testing instead of graphics.

But now it's over.  I still have two exams left, but my next one isn't until next Thursday.  Plenty of time to recuperate and study.

I took the day off today.  I restocked on groceries, vacuumed the top floor, main floor, and all of the stairs, reformatted my laptop, and played some FFXI (of course).  I'm going home tomorrow and returning on Sunday, and then getting back to it.   I'm really looking forward to spending time with my mom and recharging my batteries.  I think I deserve it.

April 9, 2010


How can you tell that you're stressed about exams?  You dream about it.

The dream I had was kind of weird.  It wasn't your typical sleeping-though-your-alarm-and-missing-your-exam dream.  I dreamt that I was awake and fully aware that I had an exam then, but I just didn't go.  For some reason I remember looking at the clock and noticing that it was 3:00, and then beginning to feel guilty for not going to the exam.  I woke up in a panic, only to realize it was Friday and that there was nothing to worry about.

Until I remembered that exams are coming up, and this coming week is awful.  Once Thursday is over, everything is going to be so much better.