March 31, 2007

March 21, 2007

Life is not fair.

I just found out that Ms. Kribbs has ALS. I didn't know what that was, so I looked it up. It sounds absolutely horrible. She was one of my favourite teachers.

March 19, 2007

I wish my highschool had a music program.

Although they're not perfect and the drums are a little much at times, this is still pretty great. I thought the Double Dragon song was really good. Enjoy. :)

March 6, 2007

Using MSN Tip #1

If you don't want to be talked to, sign out. It's that simple!

Seriously, don't get mad at someone for trying to initiate a conversation. "Busy" and "Away" don't count as "offline". Those just mean that the person trying to talk to you should not expect a quick reply.

Need it to be done.

I am so stressed right now.