March 6, 2007

Using MSN Tip #1

If you don't want to be talked to, sign out. It's that simple!

Seriously, don't get mad at someone for trying to initiate a conversation. "Busy" and "Away" don't count as "offline". Those just mean that the person trying to talk to you should not expect a quick reply.


Aaron Tait said...

I usually go on away or busy to warn people that I may not reply to them at all. I may actually be away, or I may just not feel like talking if it is something stupid. If I talk to someone while I am away or busy, that means I legitimately want to talk to them.

offsprog said...

I actually had someone on my list who's name was "please don't talk to me, I'm really pissed off and don't feel like talking!!!". I obviously initiated a conversation.