September 21, 2006

Bloggy blog.

I'm really psyched about getting stuff done this weekend. I've started all my assignments early (but I haven't quite finished any of them early yet), which feels good. I'm hoping to get them all done this weekend.

I was thinking that I would talk to the dean about getting the test I thought I had changed from the day after graduation to whenever. Turns out that I can't figure out what that test was, and now I have a physics midterm right on grad night. So there's no way I can go now. But I'm most likely getting my money back, yay. I really wish I could go, though. I really do feel like I'm missing out.

September 15, 2006


I came home for the weekend, and it almost feels surreal. It's hard to explain. I think it may be due to the fact that I only slept for two and a half hours last night. It seems I'm on my second wind now, too. Yikes.

Definately planning to get a ton of sleep and catch up on everything that I feel that I need to get done. I can't wait for that sense of completion. Yay. :)

September 11, 2006


I miss being an dependent kid. I'm homesick. I miss my mom and my brother a lot.

Being able to sit next to Steve and being able to talk to him is a temporary cure. But when I have to go back up to my room, alone, the homesick feeling comes back again.

It's just so much so suddenly. When does it start to get better?

September 3, 2006

Well... Hmm.

I just moved in. I've got everything unpacked, but nothing is really where I want it to be. A lot of stuff is still in its original packaging. My dad left a bit early, but my mom and Oma left about 10 minutes ago. My room mate went home for the afternoon. She seems really nice, and I kind of wish she didn't go... it's quiet and lonely in here. I have no clue at all where Steve is, and I'd kind of like to find him because I'm hungry and I don't know where to go/don't want to go alone.

Saying goodbye was depressing... I'm on my own now. Scary. My mom and Oma are coming to visit on Wednesday, though. My dad is working on the stream that goes through Cootes Paradise (which is pretty much my back yard), so I'll see him a lot.

Hmm... I'm bored and kind of cold. I hope Scarlett shows up soon so that I can at least hang out with her or something. :(

September 2, 2006

Crunch Time

Tomorrow is my last day here, and I've hardly packed a thing. Ack!

My time table is all figured out. It looks nicely balanced to me, but I guess we shall see what happens. My aunt is taking more history classes again this semester at Mac (she never really got a degree, so she's gone back to school, all the while taking care of two little kids and a husband... brave!), and we've decided to try and have lunch together every Thursday. We both have a free hour around the same time to hang out. I'm really glad she'll be there... she's cool.

I'm as neverous as anything!