May 1, 2006


Yesterday was incredibly stressful. I had a ton of trouble getting my chemistry lab started, and I spent nearly two hours trying to figure out a question and a half on the physics review. I need to do something about the stress I experience, because a lot of the time it isn't nessisary when I look back at the situation. It gets in the way of productivity. On the bright side, the eating right thing went well.

Today I was so disappointed by my chemistry test that I got back. I thought I studied really hard. I tried my very best to do well on that test. I made a great review sheet. Yet... I ended up with a 68%. For the amount of time that I spent trying to understand it all, that's not what I diserve. I want a rewrite, but I know that it'll never happen.

I'm terrified of the physics test tomorrow. I just can't seem to wrap my head around that unit... it doesn't make sense to me. Once I feel like I finally understand something, a new concept shows up and completly thorws off what I thought I understood. Last night I kept telling myself that it'll be okay and I just need to work hard. I'm hoping that it's true.

Eating well is going well today, too. I ate a good breakfast and a good lunch. I really want to eat something now, though. It's just out of habit, and I'm not actually hungry. The after school snack - curse you! I'll make it, though.

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scar1337 said...

:( I know how you're feeling about the chemistry test- i worked really hard to catch up, made a review sheet, and reviewed a lot of text book questions. Most of my mistakes lied within improper units, and it just aggravated me that the wording on the test was kindof faulty and difficult to understand. Ugh. I know the physics feeling too, it's frustrating when you feel you're the only one who doesn't understand. I'm sure you'll do really well tomorrow, just try to maintain sanity and know that there's only two more months left.