May 11, 2006

Here we go again?

I'm bad with this getting in shape thing.

I've written down new goals, all of them obtainable and possible. ...Well, they're basically the same as always, but I wrote them down again. I really want to do this, and I really should do this. It's good for me. And I want to look good in my prom dress. And my bathing suit. And fit back into my clothes...

Grr, why can't I stick to it?

Other than that little thing, I'm sick. I woke up with a bit of a sore throat, and I got worse through the day. By last period, I started to feel tired and generally not well. Good thing it was my spare. Julie took me home a little early. I crashed on the couch and have been deteriorating since. I haven't feel like this in a while, and it sucks. I really don't want to miss school, because it's so hard to catch up again... especially if you're having trouble when you're there already.

Bleh. Who passed on this cold-thing to me anyway? I can't think of anyone who is sick right now. Hmm.

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