April 28, 2006

Back to square one.

So I kept some weight off, but then got it back. I have nothing to blame but myself, for getting too cocky and not following my goals. I tend to think a lot in the shower (odd, yes?), and I decided that I need something more to keep me focused.

Blog and mom to the rescue?

My mom is going to help me keep closer track of my dinners. They need to be measured, or else it really doesn't work well.

And if I write in here every day about how I'm doing, then I think it will definitely help keep me focused. With me, there's something about seeing things in writing that really helps my brain. I kind of miss LiveJournal cuts now... Not everyone wants to read about any weight loss progress/fall-backs! ;) So I guess if it bores you (and you actually enjoy reading this otherwise), just skip over it.

So starting tomorrow - since I've eaten everything that I'm going to be eating today - I'll keep much closer track. I think that eventually I'll get the hang of it and it'll become more of a habit. Random fact!: On average, you need to complete the same task about 20 times before it is programmed as a habit in your brain. I just think that's interesting.

Aaron Tait! You've inspired me. Keep up the good work! Just sticking to it works, right? :)

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Aaron Tait said...

I don't think that it is weird that you think in the shower. Some of my best ideas came from the shower! :-)

You make me feel special knowing that I inspired you. I find that it is easier to lose weight and keep on a regular schedule during school days. The natural time schedule of a school day is also a good way to program yourself. I eat breakfast before I go to school, have lunch at school, come home and have a snack, and eventually eat dinner. It also helps because it keeps you from being bored. Boredom leads us to recognize our hunger because our ancestors needed to constantly look for food whenever they were not already occupied. If you do get hungry, just remind yourself that you are losing weight now. That is what keeps me going.

Remember, this isn't as hard as the media wants you to believe. The media wants you to either shove out money for a dieting program that tries to make things easier, or they want you to just give up and indulge by eating whatever products they advertise to you.

Good luck!