May 24, 2007

Summer Thus Far

Summer has been nothing exciting. I've been working and playing video games, I guess. I hang out with Steve when our schedules work out and I can beat Erik to the car. I haven't really seen anyone else since Scarlett's party near the beginning of vaction. I attempted to figure out a day with the girls, but when I mentioned it to one, I was basically told "nope, not interested" and I got discouraged.

I know my planning of get-togethers pretty much never happen, but I always want to try. I'll mention it to a few people. Maybe you guys would like to come up to my dad's house on Canada Day. My dad has been fond of creating firework shows lately (he bought $300 worth of fireworks for Victoria Day), and I'd be he'd do it again for Canada day. We could swim in the pool, hang out, eat the mountains of junk food that Lydia always buys, you guys could sleep over if you want... It could be fun. I'm mentioning it now because of work schedules and everything...

I finally worked up the courage to check my marks, only to be incredibly disappointed with myself. I failed Materials. Everyone keeps telling me that it's a really hard class, lots of people fail it, and remind me that it was a third-year course not too long ago, but still. I'm really upset, because I must've totally bombed the final exam. I also hated that class, and I really don't want to go through it again. I somehow managed to pass Algebra, which I had NONE of the high school/university prerequisites for, yet I failed Materials, which I did have all the things I need. I don't know... it just doesn't make sense to me. I'm mad at myself.

I might go to Vietnam next summer.

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