June 27, 2007

June is Hot.

I got contacts two days ago, and I really like them. Being able to see all of the time is fun. Being able to wear whatever sunglasses you want is fun. For a while it felt like I had eyelashes in my eyes, but now I'm getting used to them.

I wrote my last exam yesterday - semester 2 calculus. I think I'm going to be taking that class again. I needed a 54% on the exam to get a 50% in the class. Calc was really, really hard for me. I guess if I need to take it again, there's not much I can do. Oh well.

It's extremely hot and sticky outside and I'm stuck at work. The fan they have in here is the most useless fan in the world. Luckily I have only two hours left on this shift, then I can go back to my nice air conditioned house, and take a shower to get un-sticky. Yuck.

I'm actually starting to get a tan from biking to and from work, and my hair is getting much more blond. Unfortunately, it's a farmer's tan, and my legs are still really white because today it the first day I've been brave enough to ware shorts. (I gained a lot of weight at school, but I'm steadily losing it - I've lost very close to 10lbs. so far.) My birth mark is also getting really dark, and I'm surprised no one has told me that I have "chocolate on my face".

I'd really like to go swimming.

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