August 4, 2006

Too Fast

My mom is doing alright so far. She's figured out how to balance all the pills so that she doesn't feel too sick. She tried to explain it to me - something about taking the anti-nausea pills at just the right time before (or was it after?) the chemo pills - but I can't quite remember. There's quite a few other pills in there too that she has to take.

And of course, I had to go and get sick. I caught a cold from my dad. I'm kind of angry with him about it... He knew that my mom could get really, really sick if she caught it too, yet he still hung around Erik and I a whole lot. I mean, I could visit with him, but it would've been a good idea for not a whole weekend plus a Wednesday... I'm washing my hands and using sanitizer as often as I can. My mom is now at risk of bad pneumonia because of me.

I just now noticed the date. It's the 4th, soon to be the 5th, which means that time is going by quickly. My move-in date is on September 3rd, which means that it's less than a month away... I'm pretty terrified. There's a lot that I need to do before I go, and it seems like too much. I don't want to leave.

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