December 1, 2006


When my brother and I were little, we played a lot of video games together, and really, we still do. One of our favourites for a long time was Creatures 1. Did anyone ever play Creatures? Every once in a while it crosses my mind and I remember how much fun I had with that. I remember my dad got a laptop back when he was in the Port Colborne house and I put Creatures 1 on there. Everyone was watching a movie in the spare bedroom and I had the laptop in there with me. My Norns were all breeding like crazy and there were tons of babies everywhere... I have no idea why I remember that.

Creatures 2 was my favourite, though. Erik loved to throw them into the splicer and make crazy combinations of Norns. I downloaded Mernorns once and they became my favourite. I downloaded a COB that flooded the volcano room so that had more room to live in. Angel Norns were fun, too, but they were a handful.

Creatures 3 was alright, but I didn't like it nearly as much as Creatures 2.

My brother had a norn once named Trendle in Creatures 1 that became both of our favourites. He had the white hair and the green stripes on his arms. I'm not really sure where the name came from, or why he was so great. We even imported him into Creatures 2.

Erik sent me that picture over MSN and said, "Remember Trendle?" We talked about how much that game rocked. Good memories. :)

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Unsent Letters said...

I am sad to admit, but I did play Creatures 1. I could never get my Norns to breed though :(

Did you ever Play Catz/Dogz 1 - 5? That was my obsession!