October 30, 2006

Glasses and Joy

I'd just like to warn everyone that if I'm not wearing my glasses, I won't recognize you until you're a metre away from me. Dave had to run me over with his skateboard before I knew who he was, and I think that I might have walked right passed Evan this afternoon... I'm not really sure though. They had similar hair-shapes. Sorry :(

I just got back from talking to an academic counsellor. I'm dropping physics and chemistry this semester, so now I need two extra classes next semester. Should I take two environmental sciences, or one envrionmental science and a psychology class? Hmm! But basically, I'm going into computer science. I feel so, so much better to have this worked out. I just need to take the final step - log into SOLAR, then drop and add.

I'll only have three classes this semester... weird... I kind of don't like it. I'd rather be more busy.

There's a high chance of me going to the dark side and becomming a software engineer next year. Although, I'd have to take another first year, but that's not too much of a big deal. I'd also have to get new friends because I'd be stoned to death if they found out I had friends in science... I love you all. :)


Scarlett said...

I'm really happy for you that everything worked out okay. I'm sure you'll enjoy comp sci a lot. good luck!

Julianne said...

Engineering!!! *big hugs*